Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Iphone apps for VFX from

In my daily search for the end of the internet I swung by one of my favorite sites to see what is new. And had a great little blog entry about good iPhone apps for on set VFX guys.

They are Clinometer, HDRhelper, Jott, Dropbox, and Google apps. To see how he uses them... cruz on by


  1. There is as well a great app which is coming (I think) this month from
    a camera assistant, who wrote these great apps for the Treo a while back and is finishing up porting to the iPhone.

    -Lyn Caudle-
    VFX Supervisor

  2. Isee4k is a pretty handy converter for red lenses to 35 lenses... has some other red camera specifics, like a DOF calculator as well.

    Pretty handy for red camera shoots

  3. Thanks Bryan, I'll check that one out!


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